20 Minute Healthy Bedtime Routine for Busy Stewardesses

When the guests are onboard or were having an extremely busy day we tend to shower, kick off our shoes and hit the bed right away after our shift is over.  We’re obviously exhausted but if we put in a little extra effort to take care of ourselves in our time off, we’ll feel much better and stronger the next day.

This 20 minute healthy bedtime routine will help relax your body and mind so you sleep better, avoid injuries and have more energy the next day.

 10 Minutes

Make a small cup of herbal tea and set aside. Lay out your bed time clothes, grab a tennis ball (to roll your feet out later), a Yoga Mat or towel for the floor and have a warm shower.

5 Minutes

After your body is warmed up from your shower, lay out a towel, mat or modify the exercise so you can do them on your bed.  Use a stop watch either on your phone or on another device.  Never push yourself past the point of slight discomfort.

Standing (or seated) forward bend  

30 seconds

Low lunge each leg 

15 seconds

Glute stretch each leg

30 seconds

+ both knees to chest 

30 seconds

Roll shoulders forward, back and gently side to side while

doing self massage  

30 seconds

Stand on tennis ball (lightly) and roll each foot

30 seconds

Legs up the wall and roll head gently side to side

1 minute


5 Minutes

While sipping your herbal tea, read a few pages of your favorite book or journal about what you’re grateful for in your life.

After, 5 minutes, turn off the lights and either concentrate on your breathing or something that relaxes you and makes you smile inside.




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