7 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season on Board

Holidays on board can be a very different experience to being at home with family. Similarly, there are endless parties, fun activities, food and drinks but there is quite possibly a lot of work.

This takes holiday stress to another level and can take a toll on our health if we let it. Keeping a strong routine while still having fun is key to feeling your best this holiday season.

Miracle Mornings

Start your mornings off right with a few rituals that will set your day up for success.  It might be journaling, meditation or visualization.  Take a few minutes (5-10 or more) to set your intentions for the day and remind yourself that you love yourself unconditionally just as you are.  These small but powerful rituals have been known to change people’s lives dramatically so there isn’t a better time than now to get started.


Moving your body will not only make you feel good, it will  also boost your confidence in yourself.  When you’re feeling good about your body it’s easier to make better choices on how you treat your body throughout the day.  If you’re not working long hours, try 20-45 minutes of exercise at least 5 days per week, alternating between cardio, interval training and weight training for maximum results.

If you are working long hours try 10 minute exercises in your cabin to keep your metabolism up, keep you strong and boost your energy.  Check out Long Days on Board?  Should I Sleep More or Exercise? for details.

Maintain your Weight

The holidays might not be the best time to try and lose weight.  To lose weight in a healthy way requires a small calorie deficit or more energy expending exercise.  This might be hard to fathom with parties and a ton of work in front of you. Instead, try and maintain your weight by eating healthy, sleeping as much as possible and moving your body when it’s right for you.

Choose your Activities

There is no need to burn yourself out with holiday parties and activities to have a memorable and fun holiday season.  Pick and choose a few events and know your limits.


Choose a few healthy snacks you can grab in the crew mess that will satisfy a sweet tooth when you’re tempted to gorge on all of the holiday treats lurking around. Check out Three Crew Mess Snacks You Need to Make This Week for ideas.

If you give into eating things that don’t make you feel your best, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Start fresh the next day with healthy self talk, affirmations for the day and a plan to make better choices next time temptation arises.


Alcohol is extremely dehydrating and does not help with making good choices in any area of life.  Additionally, making healthy decisions the day after drinking too much alcohol is much harder.   Know what your personal limits are and make a plan to make sure you stay within them if you want to feel your best.

A plan could consist of drinking one glass of water for every alcoholic drink, finding alcohol alternatives and eating a healthy meal before consuming alcohol.  Additionally, drinking water before bed and getting to bed at a reasonable time can help with any alcohol related symptoms in the morning.

Family & Traditions

It can be difficult breaking from family holiday traditions. Additionally, being on the boat, ironically, can often feel quite lonely.  Make sure to stay in touch with family and even maybe introduce the Crew to a family tradition or two for the holidays.  This will keep your spirits up and help you enjoy the season to the fullest.



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