About Me

Captain Ron

Hi All! Welcome!

A little bit about me:

In 2010, I made the decision to pack up my bags from Los Angeles and make the leap into Yachting.  In hindsight, boy was I green!! not sick, but NEW.  There is so much to learn and so much to think about before and after getting a job.  Not only did I have a lot to learn professionally but because of how much fun I was having when I wasn’t working, I sacrificed my health and happiness with the infamous party- party- Yachtie lifestyle.

In 2012 I left the industry for six months, feeling like burnt toast.  At home in Fort Lauderdale, I cleaned up my diet and my lifestyle and also finished my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I became a Health Coach, working with people to reach their health and fitness goals. I loved helping people get healthy but I also missed Yachting for the adventure, the lifestyle and the money!

Shortly, after my decision to return to the industry I was back in! And I returned with the determination to be successful and at the same time take care of my health.

It’s now 2015 and I have had the opportunity to hire, train and work with some incredible Crew from around the world.  Because of this, I have some knowledge about what Chief’s are looking for and what it takes to be successful in this industry. I also have mastered being a healthy Yachtie, something that only Crew who have been on board for a while will know is a challenge, to say the least.

You truly, don’t have to struggle in this industry and you don’t have to lose your health either.  Someone I trust always says that your business grows only as much as you do as a person.   In Yachting, YOU are YOUR business and you be a successful at it as you are personally with life.  So, let’s get cracking.

Angela is currently a Chief Stewardess/Purser on a 50meter yacht, has a B.A in Organizational Management and is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.