Best Fort Lauderdale Contractors: My Little Black Book


My Little Black Book of Top Quality Luxury Yacht Contractors in Fort Lauderdale

I, finally (four years later) feel like I have a solid black book of top quality contractors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It is so crucial to have people working on board that you trust to do a fantastic job, be professional, return your calls, and actually show up when they say they will.

Finding these gems, however, is like looking for the bridge console piece when it gets sucked into the vacuum bag. It leaves you on your knees feeling stressed, and a little bit dirty.

Here is my Little Black Book of Top Quality Luxury Yacht Contractors in Fort Lauderdale by category: 

Wood & Other Paint Repairs

  • Contractor: Debergerac
  • Contact: Jay Louise
  • Phone Number: 772.215.0980
  • Type of Work: Everything dealing with wood repairs, dings, scratches, and painting on the interior.
  • Job Examples: Matching and filing dings in wood, caulking leaky port holes, painting scratches on fridges, painting various types of wood to blend in.

Wood Building

  • Contractor: Lighthouse
  • Contact: Christ Story
  • Phone Number: 954.383.8668
  • Type of Work: Wood building

Tile & Marble

  • Contractor: American Tile
  • Contact: Devan & Linda
  • Phone Number: 954.646.9233
  • Type of Work: Polish all type of stone, caulking in showers


  • Contractor: Ricks Interior Technology
  • Contact: Rick & Austin
  • Phone Number: 954.467.0047
  • Type of Work: Carpet, interior and exterior cushion cleaning, stain removal on upholstery


  • Contractor: H20 Yacht Wear
  • Contact: Jessica
  • Phone Number: 954.849.4477
  • Type of Work: Designing, selecting and purchasing crew uniform

Note: Jessica works tirelessly to find what you need. She has all the right contacts and will do whatever it takes to make you happy. She’s a gem.

Interior Design

  • Contractor: Gerards
  • Contact: Susanne Skaff
  • Phone Number: 954.771.1801
  • Type of Work: Interior design, re-stuffing pillows, fixing upholstery, interior supplies

Note: There are many interior designers out there, but Susanne and her team are top-notch in everything they do.

Car Rental 

  • Contractor: Yachty Rentals
  • Contact: Cynthea
  • Phone number: 954.226.9177
  • Type of Work: Car rentals

Beverages & Other Interior Items

  • Contractor: National Marine
  • Contact: Jessica
  • Phone Number: 954.764.0975
  • Type of Work: Interior supplies 

Gold Plating 

  • Contractor: Sheffield Plating
  • Contact: Lester
  • Phone Number: 954.565.0162
  • Type of Work: Gold plating


  • Contractor: Holland Garden Center
  • Contact: Charlie
  • Phone Number: 954.522.3176
  • Type of Work: Plants, potting plants

Window Scratches 

  • Contractor: Scratch Repair Specialist
  • Contact: Matt Hatcher
  • Phone Number: 954.892.0124
  • Type of Work: Removal of scratches on interior and exterior windows and glass.

Window Tinting 

  • Contractor: VKool
  • Contact: Scott
  • Phone Number: 954.270.6550
  • Type of Work: Tints windows for heat and sun damage reduction

Book Binding 

  • Contractor: James Tapley
  • Contact: James Tapley
  • Email:
  • Type of Work: Repairing leather books


  • Contractor: Extended Stay
  • Contact: General Manager Aragon Austin
  • Phone Number: 1.800.804.3724
  • Type of Work: Hotel. General Manager may be able to get Marine rates.


Who would you add to this list?





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