Build Your CV to Perfection

Building your CV to perfection is a bit of an art.  However, once accomplished will be your ticket to  getting an interview with a Captain or Crew Agent.



The design of your CV should be simple and professional, yet memorable. Try different color schemes, line breaks and fonts but don’t deviate from keeping it simple and professional. Make sure to format everything correctly and be as consistent as possible throughout the page.


Your CV should not be more than two pages.  Even if you have a lot of experience, narrow your CV down to the top most relevant ones.



Grammar is very important to your professional appearance. Use spell check and have someone else read it before sending it out into the world.



Your photo should be taken by someone else, have a relevant background, be clear and professional.  Wear a white polo and look the part of a Stewardess as much as possible.




Interview with a Captain


Q: What makes a great Yachting CV photo?


Captain: A good background in an appropriate environment, a professional looking photo taken by someone else, wearing a a polo type shirt , hair neat, natural makeup, in an appropriate environment.


Q: What makes you take a Green Stewardess seriously when reading her CV?


Captain: A CV that has a professional looking photo, service experience and relevant courses listed.


Q: What is the best format for a CV?


Captain: 1 page, maximum 2.


Q: How should Crew handle their references on their CV?


Captain: The can list directly or state that references are available upon request.


Q: What do you really want to read in the Objectives section?


Captain: A strong desire and excitement for the job.


Another great example of  a CV template found on Download template here. CV TEmplate

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