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Fort Lauderdale:
anchorBluewater Crew Training  (


anchorMaritime Professional Training  (

Medical Certificate

To work on a boat you must have a current  ENG 1 Seafarers Medical Certificate given to you by an MCA approved medical doctor. The doctor will give you a standard physical to ensure you are capable of working on a boat. This document is valid for two years.


Fort Lauderdale:
anchor Dr E Grenet, Health Medical Centers  (




See an international list of MCA approved ENG1 doctors here.

Interior Courses

Fort Lauderdale:


anchorAmerican Yacht Institute  (


anchorBluewater Crew Training (



South Africa:



PYA Accredited Courses:



anchor  Stewardess on the Go




Super Yachting South Africa


Crew Health Insurance


anchorMHG Services, Inc  (


anchor Seven Seas Health, Inc  (



Finding a job on a boat in America:



If you are not an American, you should apply for a B1/B2 Visa at the US Consulate in your country before arriving in the US.  To do this follow this link and make an appointment.


A B1 Visa is for travel for business purposes and B2 is for leisure travel.


With the B1/B2 visa you are allowed to obtain work (as if it happen randomly), however, you cannot accept work unless you leave the US and come back with the appropriate paper work.


NOTE: In your interview, if you say you are going to the US to look for work you will be denied entry.


Also, if you are caught working on board a boat with a B1/B2 visa, you could be deported.


When you re-enter the US to join your boat, you will have boat papers from the Captain and it’s important that you are stamped in on a B1 Visa so that you may join the boat legally.


As a foreigner you may not work on an American flagged boat unless you are an American paying taxes in the US.


Finding a job on a boat in Europe



If you are entering Europe you may need a Schengen Visa depending on which country you are from.


For a list of all countries needing a Schengen Visa please visit 


Facebook Group specific to Yacht Visa Questions:


Yacht Crew Visas