How to Create the Perfect Party

I’m a fanatic about hosting parties.  I actually love creating them more than attending them sometimes.  It’s so fun to give people a reason to have fun, connect and laugh.   Whether you’re creating a party for your guests or Crew, use these tips to make it a fabulous one!


Create a Vision

Know your guests.  If you can find anything out about your guests ahead of time, like their favorite colors, music or passions, find ways to incorporate them into your party.

Brain storm.  Sit down with the other Crew on board and include them in your party planning.  They may know some vital information about your guests or have a brilliant idea you never thought of.

Use Pinterest. This is my go to for creating the visual image of the experience I want to create for my guests.  Create a separate board just for the party.


Time line of events.  Create a spreadsheet showing the major points of the event.  For example, the guests will arrive, drinks, music, dinner, show, drinks, poker in the lounge, music, finish.

Set up when guests are not around. Be a magician and create the party while they aren’t around if possible. Have all party favors prepared and ready to set up ahead of time so when the guests aren’t on board, you can send out the troops to prepare quickly

Make sure everyone behind scenes knows their role. Have a Crew meeting prior and hand out your time line of events and their roles.  In addition, explain it verbally to everyone.  Some people need more hand holding than others so it’s important everyone is on the same page.

At the Party

Smile and be relaxed.  The ultimate hostess does not look hurried or stressed.  Look focused and smile so the guests know you are in control but also know the purpose of a party is to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Be attentive to everyone’s needs. Make sure everyone has had their jackets taken to a be hung up, they have a drink in hand and anything else they might need.

Stay on top of the food and drinks.  The guests should not have to search for a drink and the food should stay refreshed and tidy. Make sure to constantly be cleaning up old plates, napkins and drinks.

Ensure party timeline flows seamlessly.   Move everyone through the timeline of events without disrupting the flow of their party.  This takes some skill but is accomplished by being intuitive to your guests needs.


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