How to Overcome Fitness Excuses On Board

As Yacht Crew it’s easy to make excuses about why we cannot fit exercise into our lives. Were busy, tired, have little space and frankly don’t often feel like it after a 12 hour day and one too many left over guest croissants. With this type of lifestyle, it’s easy to let weeks and months go by without any exercise at all.

Luckily, in spite of not having typical land based lives that allow us to go to the gym regularly or participate in an intense body shred program we can still exercise to stay strong, have more energy and feel better.

We only need to acknowledge our excuses for what they are and look for solutions for each of them that fit our unique lifestyles. 

Im too tired

It’s important to ask ourselves, how much good quality sleep where actually getting. Going to bed at 12:00 and waking up at 7:00 might not personally be enough sleep.  Studies have shown that everyone varies in the amount of sleep they need so it’s important to not force ourselves to stay up late if our bodies are giving us signs not to.

Of course, when were busy with guests on the best we can do is take adavantage of breaks and any time when extra sleep is possible.  Then do a short exercise just after waking to take advantage of the energy reserves from sleep before getting back to a work shift.

Also, drinking more water and eating healthier during the day helps ensure that the body isn’t tired from bombarding it with junk food and dehydration.

I don’t have time

Almost, everyone has 10 minutes to do some type of exercise even when the guests are on board. If the boat is very busy, stretching and deep breathing is a type of exercise that anyone can do before going to bed or when just waking up.   If time permits, try 10-20 minutes of body weight exercises including 3-5 types of exercise at 10-20 repetitions.

I don’t have space

Get off the boat if possible or try using a deck and a yoga mat with permission.  In a small cabin, get creative and use the edge of a bed for tricep dips, for example.   Also, purchase a set of mini bands or small hand weights to do standing exercises that don’t require a lot of movement.

I don’t feel like it, I’ll do it later

It is quite possible that we might never feel like exercising.  To overcome this we must push past the feeling  until it becomes a habit.  Finding exercises that we love is the best way to overcome this excuse.  At the very least, we can find something to listen to or focus on that is exciting or entertaining to get through the exercise.

My body is sore from working

Yoga and pilates are an excellent option to strengthen the body and prevent further injuries.  Additionally, they don’t require a lot of time or space to see benefits.

I’m not eating healthy so why even bother?

It might seem like if were not eating healthy, exercising won’t matter much.  However, exercising is a great motivator for eating healthy.  We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat”, well, in this case you also eat what you are.  This means that as you start feeling better from exercise you will want to eat healthier to match how you feel.

What excuses have you overcome in relation to exercise?


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