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Angela Orecchio

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My name is Angela Orecchio and I am the founder of Savvy Stewardess.


If you’re just starting out with a dream of becoming Yacht Crew or wishing to improve yourself as a Super Stew on board, get healthy and inspired you’re in the right place.

What is Savvy Stewardess?

My mission at Savvy Stewardess is to show you how you can reach your dream of working on a Yacht, be successful in the industry and transform your life with healthy living.


Where do I start?

1. Subscribe and download

1. Subscribe and download your free copy of the Beginners Guide to Working on a Yacht:  A Step by Step Guide to Getting a Job and Being Successful in the Yachting Industry.

When you subscribe, you’ll also gain exclusive access to the Stewardess Insiders Club where I send you monthly tips, secrets and stories about working on a Yacht and healthy living that only my Insiders get to know about!

2. Click on the Getting a Job in the menu at the top.

2. Click on the Getting a Job Category in the menu at the top. Here you will find details on where to go, what to do and how to do it to make sure getting your first job is a seamless experience.

3. Check out these posts: 4. Shop

4. Shop Here you will find what you need to make your journey to working on a Yacht, getting healthy and traveling healthy easy and doable. Let’s go Shopping.


Finally, thank you so much for letting me take you on this journey to your dream job, body and life!

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