Surviving Your First Few Weeks Looking for Yacht Job

When you first arrive in Port looking for work, you’re excited about the adventures and opportunities on the way. You also may be equally as nervous because you’re away from home and there is uncertainty and risk of not finding a job right away.

Excitement and nervousness are completely normal and every Crew goes through them to some extent.

How you deal with these emotions will make or break your first few weeks looking for a job.

Get Organized

Now is the time to set your goals if you haven’t already.  Get a clear vision of what you want out of Yachting and visualize it becoming a reality each day.

Write down your plan, weekly.   Decide which Crew Agents you’ll go to, what times you’ll look for work online, when you’ll dockwalk and update your CV.  Also, include when you’ll do personal items such as fitness, social media, going out with friends, and talking to family back home.  This plan will keep you focused with the endless amounts of distractions that will present themselves.

Create a financial budget for yourself so that you know what you have and what you need in order to keep looking for work if it doesn’t come right away.  You should have at least three-six months savings.

Check out The Yachty’s Guide to Fort Lauderdale for more tips on how to get organized, budget and much more.

Stay Healthy

Make sure you continue to eat well, exercise, drink enough water and get enough sleep while looking for work.

If you take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally you will naturally be more attractive as a candidate for work than someone who doesn’t.

Network & Socialize

Socializing online and in person with other Yacht Crew is important for building a network of people who know and support you while finding a job.  The Yachting community is a tight knit, small community and someone always knows someone who might get you the job of your dreams.

Keep your socializing professional.  What you do in the bar and in the Crew house will get around. You want to be known as someone people can trust and recommend.

Educate Yourself

If you have the chance, take extra Yacht related courses such as Flower Arranging or more Silver Service. This always looks good on your CV, builds your skills and shows your serious about becoming a top notch Stewardess.

How have you survived your first few weeks looking for a job on a Yacht?

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