The Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Yachty’s

Yacht Crew are minimalists by most people’s standards.  Maybe we aren’t minimalists by choice but definitely by necessity so holiday gifts need to fit into our lifestyle.

The best gifts to give to a fellow crew member should fall into one of three categories.

1. Experiences

2. Small practical gifts

3.Gifts they can choose themselves

Here are some excellent gift ideas for the Yachty in your life.

Gift certificates:


Hair Salon

Manicure & pedicure



Local Coffee shop


Month long gym pass

Yoga classes


Nook or Kindle etc

Other types of gifts for Crew you know well

Iphone accessories for better photos

Small accessories for their camera

A watch

A small throw blanket


A donation to a cause in their name

Ancestry DNA test

Memory card, USB stick, anything to create more storage space on a laptop

Activities you can do together such as Painting with Wine or a Kickboxing class


Happy Holidays!






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