Top American Cleaning Products for Super Yachts


It can be confusing shopping for cleaning products in different countries.  With this list I hope you will find some great products that work for you in the big ol’ US and A.

As a disclaimer, I always try and use the most natural products on board first and foremost.  Not only is it good for the environment, it is also good for your health.   Still sometimes, I find using the conventional version works better for certain things.  As a caution, always use PPE when using any cleaning products.

Top American Cleaning Products 

Print this list and take it with you to the grocery store!  Savvy Stewardess Top American Cleaning Products

Alcohol & Water:  Mix 1 part rubbing or isopropyl alcohol with 2 parts water.  Use for any non-porous surface that needs disinfecting.  This includes stainless steel, some hardy plastics, glass and porcelain.

Vinegar & Water: Mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water. Use on the same surfaces as alcohol and water.  I’ve found that this mix is NOT good for varnished wood, no matter what others have said.  I have personally seen it make the varnish milky looking and even corrode the varnish.  I think it would be okay on bare wood from time to time and also on newly varnished wood only to remove an oily fingerprint or two.  I’ve found that it works perfectly to remove salt, oil etc on exterior varnished table tops that are varnished heavily and often.

Water:  I use plain water in a spray bottle on a lightly damp cloth on all of our varnished wood.  This is only to wipe away any light prints and dust.

Guardsman One Wipe Dust Cloth:  If you’ve seen the damage the vac dust can do to varnished wooden counter tops, like I have you will be searching for another way to dust.  While nothing will be as good as vac dusting, these cloths are still excellent.  They don’t leave debris behind and the dust sticks to them.  You only need to rinse them after a few uses.

Hydrogen Peroxide:  I recommend this with caution but it can be very useful. Personally, I have had success using 100% hydrogen peroxide on white cotton towels, cream cotton mix interior seating and cream wool carpet. I have removed water stains, rust and discoloration by spraying   100% pure hydrogen peroxide on the item and letting it air dry over night. The one big issue I’ve had was when I washed and dried a white cotton towel twice after spraying it twice.  The washer then disintegrated the towel.    USE WITH CAUTION.

Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner: Out of conventional cleaners, this seems to be a more “natural” product with less harsh chemicals.  I have found that it cleans Corium, Granite, Stainless Steel (brushed and non-brushed) and porcelain very well.  It can leave a residue if used in excess or not wiped away well enough with a damp cloth.

Murphys Oil: This oil is excellent for bare wood, to remove water spots and freshen up the look.  It also works well on some varnished wood, every once in a while.  I would not use it every day as it will leave a residue.

Baking Soda:  This is a great abrasive for cleaning naturally with vinegar as well as an addition to many natural stain treatments.

Goo Gone: Use to remove sticky items from any non porous surface.

Ivory Soap:  Can be used in a variety of ways as a light degreaser.

Dawn Soap (blue): Use on heavy grease stains that can be washed afterward.

Professional Upholstery Cleaner Spray Ricks Interior Technology in Fort Lauderdale, sold me a bottle of their unlabeled upholstery cleaner and it has been a miracle worker.  I use it on our synthetic deck cushions and our synthetic throw carpets.

Oxy Clean: This is fantastic at removing stains and brighten whites and colors.  As directed mix Oxy with hot water to activate, soak item (read label always first) from 4-8 hours.  Wash as directed.

Shout Wipes: Excellent for small stains on cotton or cotton mix clothes.  You don’t need to wash afterwards right away.  I have seen issues with using these on darker fabrics and on cream fabrics as it seems the stain treatment keeps working and discolors the fabric.  Use on white only.

Shout Stain Remover:  Use on lighter clothes only. It is a great all purpose stain remover to be used before an Oxy soak or a wash.

Bleach Pen:  To be used with caution as it is bleach, however it is a nice way to get rid of small stains.  You will need to soak or wash the item afterward.

Magic Erasers: Some people do not like these as they do have a slightly abrasive quality, however, I find them so useful.  I find them excellent on white shower walls, porcelain and even on some stainless.  Do not use to correct spots on white ceilings or you will find that it will leave a VERY white spot and you’ll have to do the rest of the ceiling.

Wrights Silver Cream: Great for restoring silver tarnish.  Find out if you have real silver here.

3M Metal Restorer & Polish:  On the interior we use this on our 100% brass products.  Do not use brass plated items or you will take off the plating.

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