Total Body Dock HIIT Workout


Grab some water, a mat and hand weights and get ready to get your heart rate up and jump start your metabolism.  HIIT workouts help your body burn fat all day so they are incredibly rewarding and fun!

Try and do each move for the entire 30 seconds but if you have to stop, do so and then keep going.  Sip water when needed.


Click HERE for Full Video on Youtube

Alternate Leg Back Lunges  30 Seconds

Over Head Tricep Extensions  30 Seconds

Sumo Squats  30 Seconds

Donkey Kicks to Fire Hydrant  30 Seconds Each Leg

High Knees  30 Seconds

V  Crunches 30 Seconds

Glute Kicks  30 Seconds

Plank  30 Seconds

Don’t forget to drink water and stretch afterwards!

Click HERE for Full Video on Youtube

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