Tricks for Maintaining A Healthy Weight after the Holidays

Maintaining a healthy weight after the holidays is one of the most sought after goals of the New Year.  We all know that we need to eat better and exercise more, however, it’s easy to overlook some other lifestyle habits that are equally as important.

Create Your WHY

Chances of sticking to a New Years goal increases greatly when the reason for having the goal is big enough to keep you on track even when things get tough. Because of this, it’s important to ask yourself why maintaining a healthy weight is necessary and hold the vision clearly in your mind. Writing the reason down in a positive tone and keeping it somewhere visible every day reinforces the goal.

An example of this would be:  I am a healthy weight ( be specific) so that I feel good in my body, have excellent health and an abundance of energy.


Write down affirmations that create gratitude around a healthy weight.  Some affirmations might be:

Thank you for my healthy body, mind and spirit.  I choose foods that support my healthy, mind,  body and spirit today. I treat my body with love today.

Acting as if

How would you act today if you were already at your healthy weight?  You would most likely eat well, exercise and look in the mirror with gratitude.  Starting this today is powerful in reaching any future goals as it will shift your attitude and perception of what is possible.


During sleep, our bodies repair and regenerate more thoroughly than any other time during the day.  It’s said that between 22:00-2:00 we achieve the deepest sleep, when human growth hormone is released and when the most healing occurs.  Sleep deprivation throws the entire system out of balance so that the body doesn’t function as efficiently as it could.

This can affect weight because lack of sleep can affect the healing process along with how hydrated the body is and how the digestion functions. It can also affect weight because when the body is tired it craves foods that will give it the biggest calorie hit for energy.


While releasing weight as well as maintaining a healthy weight the body is eliminating toxins regularly.  Staying hydrated with fresh, plain water assists this elimination so toxins are more easily removed through the skin and bowels.

It’s said that that a good rule to begin with is to drink half of one’s body weight of water in ounces.


Some people stop eating when their stressed, while others eat more.    If a person stops eating altogether when they are stressed, they almost always make up for it with some level of binge eating later.  If a person over eats when they are stressed, the often are not choosing healthy foods.  Either way, being overly stressed is a receipt for unhealthy weight long term.    Additionally, high levels of Cortosol during stress have been shown to affect weight by increasing insulin levels.

When stressful situations come up learn how to deal with them in a healthy way.  This can be learned through deep breathing, Yoga and daily practice.







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