Your On Board PMS Survival Guide

It’s that time of month again when it seems like all the women on board have PMS together.   What is that about anyway? Actually, there isn’t much evidence to support that women who spend a lot of time together actually sync their periods.

Still, myth or not, PMS is real and it happens largely because of the progesterone that our bodies make after ovulation.   Elevated levels of progesterone can be responsible for feelings of anxiety, moodiness, sadness, bloating, cramps, tender breasts, fatigue etc. Then, as our periods arrive we actually feel better (apart from fatigue and cramps) as progesterone levels wear off again.

While PMS affects us greatly in different ways we still have to live and function in tight quarters with other people. Because of this we must be conscious of how we act and feel in spite of our hormones.

Know your cycle

Often PMS is worse if you don’t know it’s actually happening and wonder why you’re feeling like a crazy person.  Keep track of your cycle and know that just between ovulation and your period you may experience PMS.  This can easily be done by keeping track of your period on a calendar and counting back 1-2 weeks before your expected period.

Breathe before responding

Once you know you’re in the middle of a wicked PMS moment, stop and breathe before responding to people.   Instead of snapping at people because you feel like it, decide who you want to be and respond in a way that aligns with your goal.  It might sound difficult but with practice you can be anyone you want to be when you stop, breathe and then respond.

Pamper yourself with rest 

Allow yourself some rest and alone time if needed.  Don’t let FOMO (fear of missing out) get the best of you during this time of the month.  Instead, curl up with a good book, a cup of herbal tea, a series or something inspirational that feeds your soul.

Drink more water & limit caffeine

Staying hydrated and limiting caffeine will help with balancing your mood and lessening cramps and bloating.  Keep your water bottle close by and keep track of how much you’re drinking.  If you need caffeine, try green tea, Matcha or Kombucha for a cleaner and lighter alternative.

Eat clean AND YES to chocolate

How you treat your body the rest of the month will affect the severity of your PMS.  Eating clean all month will keep your hormones balanced unlike anything else.  Junk food and large amounts of dairy and animal protein do not lead to a healthy body and mind.  Instead,  load up on fruit, veggies and eat a balanced diet with plant proteins, starches and fats to feel your absolute best.

Junk food might make you feel better in the short term but usually makes you feel worse shortly afterwards.  If you have a lot of cravings during PMS, plan ahead and buy some healthy snacks like organic dark chocolate, that will satisfy a junk food craving but not make you feel worse after eating it.

PMS Buster Smoothie

Frozen Bananas

Almond milk

Cacao Powder (or Carob)

Vanilla Powder



When you move your body in a healthy way you create endorphins and other chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. Don’t underestimate the power of exercise during PMS and even some light exercise, like Yoga when you have your period.

Get intimate

It should be noted that sex is an easy fix for PMS symptoms, especially when it’s with someone you love.  The amount of feel good chemicals that are released in the brain when you have skin to skin contact with someone you love and also during an orgasm is abundant.  While this might not be a viable answer for everyone (especially if you’re sharing a cabin) it’s noteworthy and worth exploring when the time is right.  🙂



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